Merchant Banking

Relationships, Selectivity and Quality drive our process and outcomes

Private Equity is all about People. Investors are not only looking for the best investment opportunities, they are looking to partner with the people best suited to identify and execute on those opportunities. We have built a community of like-minded investors and operators who are focused on doing just that. Spouting Rock Capital Advisors is focused on working with capital partners who add value, not just dollars.

We take an opportunistic approach when considering direct investments and look for companies at an inflection point. We seek those with talented management teams and sustainable competitive advantages in growing markets that have reasonable valuation expectations. Our focus is to partner with companies that have substantial expertise in their field and visible revenue opportunities.

The common underlying theme in all of our client engagements is selectivity. Spouting Rock performs rigorous due diligence on prospective clients prior to accepting any engagement or making an investment.

Private Equity is unpredictable. Instead of chasing trendy investments, we think that quality is the key to creating substantial returns.



Spouting Rock’s Merchant Bankers have decades of experience working for and with companies across  many different industries and verticals.  Throughout our history we have helped dozens of companies grow their business and deliver shareholder value