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All Cap Equity

Seeks to provide strong returns relative to the broader equity markets over a full market cycle.

Disciplined Process

Our goal is to be unencumbered by sector and market capitalization to create a best ideas portfolio based on market experience and exploring notable opportunities.

  • We use a rigorous research process to identify a combination of fast growing companies and very stable, consistent growers that can deliver attractive returns, resulting in a lower volatility portfolio and the potential for better risk-adjusted returns while remaining tax efficient.
  • The team seeks to invest for the long term in businesses that have sustainable competitive advantages and that have earnings power not fully reflected in current expectations and valuations.
  • Portfolios are built from the bottom up with active risk control measures to help limit downside and volatility while enhancing upside potential.

Portfolio of Secular Growers

  • We believe a combination of higher growth companies and stable slower growth compounding US companies will generate above-average growth rates for the next five years.
  • We seek to identify companies utilizing secular market trends, to help predict companies generating solid returns.
On 9/1/2023 Spouting Rock Asset Management (SRAM) created a new composite named All Cap Equity. Prior to 9/1/2023, SRAM marketed a different composite named Opportunistic All Cap. The benchmark, portfolio managers and investment objectives of the two are the same but the new All Cap Equity composite excludes accounts or portfolios that utilize leverage or margin and therefore excludes such accounts of portfolios from being included in the monthly return calculations. As of 9/1/2023, SRAM will be marketing the All Cap Equity composite in place of the Opportunistic All Cap composite.


Style classification: All Cap Growth
Approach: Active, bottom-up
Benchmark: Bloomberg US 3000 Total Return Index
Portfolio inception: February 2017



Rhys Williams, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
30+ years industry experience

James Gowen, CFA
30+ years industry experience

John Ragard, CFA
30+ years industry experience

David Ruffini
5+ years industry experience

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