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Alternative Return and Income

Income-focused total return strategy for investors seeking to grow their wealth primarily through income with low duration (interest rate) risk.

Our multi-strategy solution utilizes actively managed mutual funds to provide a liquid portfolio of alternative sources of return and high income while maintaining lower volatility, low duration (interest rate) and little-to-no commodity risk.

Disciplined, repeatable process

  • Over two-decades of dedicated, specialized firm experience researching and investing in third-party alternative funds, managers and strategies.
  • Continuous research and due diligence process to select what we believe to be high-quality total return managers who provide returns in excess of those that can be explained by asset class risk factors.
  • Managing risk and assembling a portfolio with a high degree of confidence in the investments to deliver meaningful and sustainable yield takes precedence over high advertised yield.


Approach: Active, manager selection
Benchmark: HFRX RV: Multi-Strategy Index
Portfolio inception: August 2013



Patrick St. Denis, CAIA
Portfolio Manager
15+ years industry experience

David Ruffini
5+ years industry experience

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