Grow and Protect Capital with Powerful Investment Solutions

Spouting Rock asset management and investment consulting services aims to benefit the long-term interests of our clients and partners.


Asset Allocation

Our disciplined approach to asset allocation is driven by current macroeconomic fundamentals and business cycle trends which we believe indicate changes in asset prices within financial markets. At any given time, our asset allocation represents our fundamental view of the ever-current global investment environment, aiming to maximize capital growth and avoid vulnerability to recessions through proactive risk management.

  • Global Dynamic Risk
  • Dynamic Choice Portfolios
  • S&P Enhanced

Small Cap Equities

Long-only strategies that seek to identify growth opportunities in smaller market cap public companies through fundamental stock selection processes.

  • Small Cap Growth


Our diligent manager selection process has led us to create and in some cases sponsor alternative investment strategies and opportunities for investors at every asset level.

  • Manager Select
  • Highwood
  • The Horton Fund
  • Somerset Properties