Brinker Capital Co-Founder Resurfaces at New Alts Shop

John Coyne, who has joined as the chairman of Spouting Rock Asset Management, will be primarily responsible for overseeing the firm’s distribution, with a specific focus on RIAs.

Brinker Capital co-founder and former vice chairman, John Coyne, has resurfaced at Spouting Rock Asset Management, nine months after he departed the firm he set up. 

Spouting Rock Asset Management is a new alternatives-focused asset manager launched by family office and consultancy Spouting Rock Financial Partners.

Coyne, who has joined Spouting Rock Asset Management as chairman, will be primarily responsible for overseeing the firm’s distribution, with a specific focus on RIAs.

A 40-year industry veteran, Coyne co-founded Brinker Capital in 1987 alongside Chuck Widger, executive chairman, and Noreen Beaman, chief executive at the firm.

He left Brinker Capital at the end of 2017 to pursue 'new and innovative' opportunities. In an interview with Citywire, Coyne said that the primary driving force behind his departure from Brinker was ‘my own entrepreneurial bug.’

‘I love building. I probably am a better builder than a manager in all candor,’ he said. ‘I think the opportunity that I saw [in Spouting Rock Asset Management] matched up with exactly where I think the markets are going to be going in the coming years.’

Previously, Coyne worked in a number of different roles throughout his 40-year career including board member and chairman positions at the Money Management Institute and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

Coyne said he hoped to see Spouting Rock's total assets under management rise to about $150 million by the end of this year and expected the firm to grow at a double-digit growth next year and beyond.

Institutional sales hire

Spouting Rock Asset Management has also hired John Dodd as head of institutional distribution for the firm.

Prior to joining Spouting Rock, Dodd spent seven years at Levin Capital Strategies, an $8.5 billion investment management firm. Previously, he worked as a managing director of institutional sales and new business development at Security Global Investors, and head of institutional sales at US Trust Asset Management.

‘John Coyne and John Dodd are two of the most knowledgeable, forward-thinking investment management professionals in the industry,’ said Blakely Page, Spouting Rock Financial Partners’ founder and president.

‘Having them part of the Spouting Rock Asset Management ecosystem will help ensure our investment vehicles are considered for portfolio inclusion by our advisor and institutional audiences.’ 

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