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Global Small Cap

Seeks to outperform the MSCI World Small Cap Index on an annual basis by investing in emerging global leaders that are early in their growth cycle and provide the potential to generate strong returns over a long-term time horizon.

Disciplined Process

  • We utilize a bottom-up approach to identify global small cap companies that we believe are at an inflection point and have compelling sustainable growth and return potential.
  • We use a proprietary screening quantitative model that leverages technology to score the universe and help identify key inflection points of companies.
  • We seek to control risk through diversified portfolio characteristics and utilize an alert list as an enhanced risk control measure.

Future Market Leaders

  • We seek to build a portfolio of emerging market leaders, diversified across small companies within a risk-managed framework, investing primarily in US and foreign developed markets.
  • We are fundamentally attracted to companies that grow their businesses through management and operational ingenuity, technical superiority and innovative product development.


Style classification: Global Small Cap
Approach: Active, bottom-up
Benchmark:  MSCI World Small Cap‐ND
Portfolio inception: April 2010


Fact Sheet


David Dineen, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
30+ years industry experience

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