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Highwood Capital Partners, LP

A private fund portfolio consisting of what we consider to be highly-regarded hedge funds/managers with demonstrated success in building track records of absolute return, alpha generation and active risk management.  Notwithstanding their successes, our invested hedge funds/managers must remain diligent and engaged.

Investment Process and Risk Management

  • Strict adherence to our guidelines for investment and always looking for ways to upgrade the portfolio.
  • We seek managers/funds that possess a strong GP alignment and entrenched LP base, positioning the portfolio to withstand short-term spikes of volatility and help limit exposure to momentum or forced selling.
  • Actively monitor and track underlying exposures and identify areas that do not meet our expectations (i.e. style drift, concentration, poor security selection, senior employee turnover) and take necessary actions as warranted.


Minimum investment: $1M
Style: Fund of hedge funds
Approach: Active, manager selection
Portfolio inception: January 2009


Fact Sheet


Robert Banker
Founder and Co-Portfolio Manager
30+ years industry experience

Patrick St. Denis, CAIA
Co-Portfolio Manager
15+ years industry experience

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