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Spouting Rock is a boutique financial services company that is well-known and respected in wealth management and private investment circles throughout the U.S. and Europe. In addition to Asset Management, Spouting Rock’s Merchant and Investment Banking capabilities perform capital raises and exit transactions for emerging growth and late stage companies.


Spouting Rock Financial PartnersOur Team

Spouting Rock was built on a family legacy of integrity, quality and innovation. Our objective is to carry that legacy forward, helping investors grow and protect wealth through unique and suitable equity and alternative investments. We’re hiring well-known individuals in the asset management world and laying a solid foundation for future growth.


Blakely Page
President and Founder


John Coyne
Chairman, SRAM


Andrew Smith
Chief Executive, SRAM


Michael Hullings
Chief Compliance Officer


Pamela Jacobs
Chief Sustainability Officer


James Gowen, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Small Cap Equities Strategy


Rhys Williams
Chief Investment Officer
Long/Short Equity Strategy


Patrick St. Denis, CAIA
Director of Investments


Amy Coyne
Director of Marketing and Communications


David Ruffini
Jr. Trader and Analyst


Garrett Smith
Jr. Trader


Nancy Bowden
Office Manager


Spouting RockOur History

In 2001 Blakely Page and his family established a SFO to manage their foundation and family assets. Five years later, following the frustration and perception of receiving generic advice, with high fee structures and a misalignment of interests among investment advisors, Page established Spouting Rock Financial Partners.

His vision was to satisfy the needs and requirements of both his and other family offices. Blakely began to create a dependable and objective solutions-based financial services provider generating unique, investment opportunities from trusted relationships.

Over the past eleven years, Spouting Rock has expanded its business interests capitalizing on various market opportunities. Today, the business splits its focus between asset management and merchant banking. The result being the formation of Spouting Rock Asset Management, providing asset management and investment consulting services, and Spouting Rock Capital Advisors, a full-service merchant bank.